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1958 AC Aceca.

The Aceca (pronoonced "A-See-Ka") is a closed coupé frae the Breetish AC Caurs company, produced frae 1954 till 1963. The caur oreeginally haed an AC ingine but the seemilar Bristol-ingined Aceca-Bristol wis an aa available alang wi the oreeginal frae 1956 tae 1963 whan production o the ingine ceased. A few caurs wis biggit frae 1961 tae 1963 wi a 2553 cc tuned Ford Zephyr ingine an sellt as the Aceca 2.6.

Based on the open twa seat AC Ace, the Aceca wis a haun-biggit grand tourer in the Breetish tradeetion, wi ash wid an steel tubin uised in thair construction. Ane notable featur wis the hatchback at the rear, makkin the Aceca anerlie the seicont caur, efter the 1953 Aston Martin DB2/4, tae incorporate this element.

151 Acecas, 169 Aceca-Bristols an 8 Ford-ingined models wis biggit whan production haltit in 1963.[1]

The main differ atween the Aceca an Aceca-Bristol wis the ingine. Baith uised a straight-6 unit, but the Aceca shared its 90 hp (67 kW), 1,991 cc (121.5 cu in) abuinheid camshaft AC ingine wi the lichter AC Ace, while the Aceca-Bristol uised a 125 hp (93 kW) "D-Type" 2.0 L (1971 cc/120 in³) unit soorced frae Bristol Caurs. The Aceca-Bristol wis available wi a milder "B-Type" Bristol ingine o 105 hp (78 kW) an aw. The Bristol specification addit $1000 tae the Aceca's $5,400 price tag in the Unitit States. In the UK the basic caur cost £1722.[2]

The front-end stylin o the Ace an Aceca reportedly traces back tae a design duin bi Pinin Farina for AC in the late 1940s. The caur haes exceptional licht wicht awin tae a tubular frame, aluminium ingine block an aluminium body panels. Lairge 16" spoked road wheels, an naur perfect fore/aft wicht distribution alloued exceptional handlin on loose, dirt tracks. It an aa features front-wheel disc brakes (addit in 1957), transverse "de Dion" leaf rear suspension, articulated rear hauf-axles, worm-gear steerin, an optional overdrive on 2nt, 3rd & 4t gears, boued windshield, an leather covert bucket seats. The suspension is independent at the front an rear uisin transverse leaf springs.

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