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Kintra Australia
Ither club(s) frae New Zealand
Confederation AFC (Asie)
Foondit 2004
Nummer o teams 10
Levels on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) FFA Cup
Internaitional cup(s) AFC Champions League
Current champions Brisbane Roar (3rd title)
Current premiers Brisbane Roar (2nd title)
Maist championships Brisbane Roar (3 titles)
Maist premiers Brisbane Roar
Central Coast Mariners
Melbourne Victory (2 titles)
TV partners Fox Sports & SBS (Australie)
Sky Sport (New Zealand)
Wabsteid A-League.com.au
2014–15 A-League

The A-League is a profeesional men's soccer league in Australie, run bi Football Federation Australia. At the tap o the Australie league seestem, it is the kintra's primar competeetion for the sport. The A-League wis established in 2004 as a successor tae the National Soccer League an commencit in August 2005. The league is currently contestit bi ten teams; nine based in Australie an ane based in New Zealand. Saisons run frae October tae Mey an include a 27-roond regular saison an a end-o-saison feenals series playaff toornament involvin the heichest-placit teams, culminatin in the Grand Final match. It is currently sponsored bi the Hyundai Motor Company an thus offeecially kent as the Hyundai A-League.

Syne the league's inaugural saison, a total o 6 clubs hae been crouned A-League Premiers (regular season winners) an 5 clubs hae been crouned A-League Champions (Grand Final winners). Successful A-League clubs gain qualification intae the continental competeetion, the Asian Football Confederation Champions League. The National Youth League runs in conjunction wi the A-League as a naitional youth developmental an reserve league.

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