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Unitit Kinrick general election, 2019

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2019 Unitit Kingdom general election

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← Leet o MPs electit in the 2017 Unitit Kinrick general election

Aw 650 seats in the Hoose o Commons
326[n 1] seats needit for a majority
Opeenion polls
Turnoot67.3% (Decrease 1.6 pp)[1]
  Majority pairty Minority pairty
Boris Johnson election infobox.jpg
Official portrait of Jeremy Corbyn crop 3, 2020.jpg
Leader Boris Johnson Jeremy Corbyn
Pairty Conservative Labour
Leader syne 23 Julie 2019 12 September 2015
Leader's seat Uxbridge an Sooth Ruislip Islington North
Last election 317 seats, 42.4% 262 seats, 40.0%
Seats before 298 242
Seats wan 364 203
Seat chynge Increase46 Decrease59
Popular vote 13,941,086 10,292,354
Percentage 43.6% 32.2%
Swing Increase1.2 pp Decrease7.8 pp

  Third pairty Fowert pairty
Nicola Sturgeon election infobox 3.jpg
Official portrait of Jo Swinson crop 4.jpg
Leader Nicola Sturgeon Jo Swinson
Pairty SNP Leeberal Democrat
Leader syne 14 November 2014 22 Julie 2019
Leader's seat Will nae stand[n 2] East Dunbairtonshire
Last election 35 seats, 3.0% 12 seats, 7.4%
Seats before 35 21
Seats wan 48[n 3] 11
Seat chynge Increase 13 Decrease 1
Popular vote 1,242,380 3,675,342
Percentage 3.9% 11.5%
Swing Increase0.9 pp Increase4.1 pp

A map o UK pairlamentar constituencies

Prime Meenister afore election

Boris Johnson

Electit Prime Meenister

Boris Johnson

The 2019 Unitit Kinrick general election wis teuk place on Fuirsday 12 December 2019, twa an a hauf years efter the previous general election in Juin 2017. The Conservative Pairty wan the election wi a majority o seats.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Gien that Sinn Féin MPs dae nae tak thair seats an the Speaker an deputes dae nae vote, the nummer o MPs needed for a majority is, in practice, likely tae be slichtly lawer.
  2. Nicola Sturgeon sits as an MSP in the Scots Pairlament for Glesga Soothside. Ian Blackford, MP for Ross, Skye an Lochaber, is the leader o the SNP delegation in the Hoose o Commons.
  3. Pairty anerly stands in Scotland (59 seats). It daes nae staund in eneuch seats tae obteen a majority.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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