2019 Rugby Warld Cup

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2019 Rugby Warld Cup
Tournament details
Host nation  Japan
Dates 20 September – 2 November
No. o naitions 20 (93 qualifeein)
Feenal poseetions
Champions Gold medal blank.svg  Sooth Africae (3rd teetle)
Rinner-up Silver medal blank.svg  Ingland
Third place Bronze medal blank.svg  New Zealand
Toornament stateestics
Spiels played 45
Attendance 1,704,443 (37,877 per spiel)
Tries scored 285 (average 6.33 per spiel)
Tap scorer(s) Sooth Africae Handré Pollard (69)
Maist tries Wales Josh Adams (7)
Pynts scored 2,196 (average 48.8 per spiel)

The 2019 Rugby Warld Cup wis the nint edeetion o the Rugby Warld Cup, the quadrennial warld championship for men's rugby union teams.