2018 Gaza mairch protests

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2018 Gaza border protests
Pairt o Gaza–Israel conflict
Gaza Strip map2.svg
Map of the Gaza Strip
Date30 March 2018 – present

(−1 month, 1 week and 3 days)LocationGaza Strip, near the Israeli borderGoals

Pairties tae the ceevil conflict

Units involved

143rd "Fire Fox" (Territorial) Division
reinforced with two brigades and special units,[4] including Maglan.[5]


112 dead and over 13,190 injured[6] (as of 21 May 2018)
1 slightly wounded[7]

On 30 Mairch 2018, a six-week campaign composed o a series o protests wis launched at the Gaza Strip, neist the Gaza-Israel border.[8][8] Cawed bi Palestinian organisers the "Great Mairch o Return", the protests demand that Palestinian refugees an their descendants be allowed to return tae whit is now Israel.[9][10][11] They are awso protesting the blockade o the Gaza Strip an the muivin o the Unitit States Embassy in Israel frae Tel Aviv tae Jerusalem.[12] Veeolence durin the protests haes resultit in the deedliest days o the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the 2014 Gaza War.[13]

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