2010 Kyrgyzstani revolution

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2010 Kyrgyz revolution
Date6 Aprile 2010 - 14 December 2010
OotcomeRemuival an exile o preses Kurmanbek Bakiyev.
Chynge o govrenmental seestem frae
presidential republic tae pairlament.
Kyrgyzstani pairlamentary election, 2010

The 2010 Kyrgyz revolution began in Aprile 2010 wi the oostin o Kyrgyz preses Kurmanbek Bakiyev in the caipital Bishkek. It wis follaed bi increased ethnic tension involvin the Kyrgyz an Uzbeks in the sooth o the kintra, which escalatit in Juin 2010. The violence ultimately led tae the consolidation o a new pairlamentary seestem in Kyrgyzstan, an accordin tae mony, internaitional observers the first truly free elections tae be held in the kintra, an in greater Central Asie.

The killins o Uzbeks in the riots hae been cried "genocide" an "ethnic cleansin" bi the UN an internaitional media.[1][2] The Uzbek minority wis targetit bi assailants o the Kyrgyz ethnicity, as evidencit bi survivors an field reports o the media. Approximately 100,000 Uzbeks an Tajiks – mainly weemen, elder fowk an childer fleein the violence – foond refuge in Uzbekistan an some 400,000 became internally displacit.[3] Victims interviewed bi media an aid wirkers testify tae mass killin, gang rape an tortur.[4] Then-heid o the Interim govrenment Roza Otunbayeva indicatit that the daith toll is tenfauld heicher than wis previously reportit, which brings the nummer o the deid tae 2,000 fowk.

Backgrund[eedit | eedit soorce]

Uprisin in Bishkek[eedit | eedit soorce]

An opposition-captured vehicle burns near the caipital biggin durin ceetywide protests an riots in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on 7 Aprile 2010. Guards can be seen tae the left o the smoke.

On 6 Aprile 2010, a demonstration in Talas bi opposition leaders protestit against govrenment corruption an increased livin expenses. The protests turned violent an spread naitionwide. On 7 Aprile 2010, Kyrgyzstani Preses Kurmanbek Bakiyev imposed a state o emergency. Polis an special services arrestit mony opposition leaders. In response protesters teuk control ower the internal security heidquarters (umwhile KGB heidquarters) an a state TV channel in the caipital, Bishkek. Reports bi Kyrgyzstani govrenment offeecials indicatit that 88 fowk wur killed an 458 hospitalized in bloody clashes wi polis in the caipital.[5] Bakiyev resigned on 15 Aprile an left the kintra for Belarus.

Aprile–Mey events[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bi Aprile 18, Bakiyev supporters seized a regional govrenment office in the sooth o the kintra, efter appointin thair awn govrenor, Paizullabek Rahmanov. Some 1,000 fowk gathered in the soothwastren toun's main square on 19 Aprile denooncin the interim govrenment an chantin pro-Bakiyev slogans. Some o them gae oot flyers cawin for the umwhile preses' return tae the kintra. Different rallies an aw teuk place on that day in neighborin Osh an Batken provinces. In addition, the interim govrenment's appointment o a new mayor o Kyzyl-Kiya in Batken Province spairkt protests in the toun. The protesters preventit an offeecial frae enterin her office on 19 Aprile.[6]

In Bishkek, upwards o a thoosan stane-throwin men riotit in Bishkek suburbs tae try tae seize land frae ethnic Roushies an Meskhetian Turks on 19 Aprile. As a result at least five fowk wur killed an thirty mair injured.[7][8] On Apryle 19, a crowd o youths treed tae seize land in Mayevka an clashed wi the local residents. In the ensuin riot, several hooses wur lootit an set on fire, while gunfire wis exchyngit atween the veellagers. Mony residents wur forcit tae flee the veelage. Otunbayeva said the govrenment wad be "resolute in crackin doun on lootin, mayhem an airson an mete oot severe punishment for those breachin the law."[9] She haed reportedly gien orders for security officers tae uise "deadly force" on rioters that threatened her fledglin govrenment's grip on pouer.[10]

On 22 Aprile, it wis annooncit that a constitutional referendum, in order tae reduce presidential pouers an "strengthen democracy," wad be held on 27 Juin 2010; a general elections wad then follae on 10 October 2010.[11]

On 13 Mey 2010, numerous govrenment biggins wur stormit bi supporters o the ex-preses in Jalal-Abad, Batken an Osh, forcin the interim govrenor o Jalal-Abad tae flee.[12] On 14 Mey conflictin reports emergit o daiths o pro-Bakiev supporters efter a conflict wi interim govrenment forces in Jalal-Abad, wi pro-Bakiev groups reportin 8 deid, whilst the Kyrgyz Health Meenistry reportin 65 injured, 15 o them creetically wi ane o the creetically injured dyin the next day.[13]

On 19 Mey, pro-Bakiev supporters clashed wi supporters oflocal Uzbek leader Kadyzhan Batyrov in the soothren ceety o Jalal-Abad, accusin him o allouin his follaers tae uise guns on pro-Bakiev protestors on 13 Mey. Fechtin intensifeed near the University of Peoples' Friendship resultin in the daith o at least twa fowk an 16 further injuries. Later that day Roza Otunbayeva became the temporary preses o Kyrgyzstan.[14][15] On 31 Mey, Uzbekistani muivit troops tae its mairch wi Kyrgyzstan due tae increasin mairch tensions as clashes atween twa veelages on opposite sides o the mairch occurred an veelagers rampaged destroyin roads an watter pipes. Uzbek assault troops an armoured vehicles arrivit on the mairch tae prevent further clashes.[16]

June pogroms an constitutional referendum[eedit | eedit soorce]

On Juin 9 violence eruptit in the soothren ceety o Osh wi ethnic Kyrgyz riotin, attackin minority Uzbeks an lichtin thair property ablaze. Bi 12 Juin the violence haed spread tae the ceety o Jalal-Abad. The violence haes resultit in the daiths o 97 fowk, injured ower a thoosan an displacit nearly 75,000 fowk.

October Election an Eftermath[eedit | eedit soorce]

Legacy[eedit | eedit soorce]

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