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1920 Haiyuan yirdquauk

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1920 Haiyuan yirdquauk
DateDecember 16, 1920 (1920-12-16)
(Gansu-Sichuan Time)
Magnitude7.8 ML[1] 8.5[2]
Epicentre36°30′N 105°42′E / 36.50°N 105.70°E / 36.50; 105.70
(Haiyuan, Ningxia)
Max. intensityXII (Catastrophic)
Casualties273,400[3] (3rd deadliest yirdquauk o aw time)

1920 Haiyuan yirdquauk (Cheenese: 海原大地震; pinyin: Hǎiyuán dà dìzhèn), wis an yirdquauk that occurred on December 16, 1920. The epicenter wis 36°30′N 105°42′E / 36.50°N 105.70°E / 36.50; 105.70,[2] in Haiyuan Coonty, Ningxia Province, Republic o Cheenae. It wis also cried the 1920 Gansu yirdquauk [1] acause Ningxia wis a pairt o Gansu Province when the yirdquauk occurred.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The yirdquauk hit at local time 20:06:53 (GMT 12:06:53), reportedly 7.8 on the Richter magnitude scale, followed bi a series o eftershocks for three years. Today's Cheenese media claim the yirdquauk as o magnitude 8.5, although the scale is nae specified. It caused tot destruction (XII - the maximum intensity on the Mercalli scale) in the Lijunbu-Haiyuan-Ganyanchi aurie.

Ower 73,000 fowk wur killed in Haiyuan Coonty. A laundslide buried the veelage o Sujiahe in Xiji Coonty. Mair nor 30,000 fowk wur killed in Guyuan Coonty. Nearly aw the hooses collapsed in the ceeties o Longde an Huining. Damage (VI-X) occurred in 7 provinces an regions, includin the major ceeties o Lanzhou, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Xining an Yinchuan. It wis felt frae the Yellae Sea tae Qinghai (Tsinghai) Province an frae Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolie) sooth tae central Sichuan Province.

Aboot 200 km (125 mi) o surface faultin wis seen frae Lijunbu through Ganyanchi tae Jingtai. There wur lairge nummers o laundslides an ground cracks throughoot the epicentral aurie. Some rivers wur dammed, ethers chynged course. Seiches frae this yirdquauk wur observed in 2 lochs an 3 fjords in wastren Norawa.[1]

Tot casualty wis reportit as 200,000 in a summary published bi the Unitit States Geological Survey (USGS),[1] 240,000 accordin tae Ningxia Daily, a Cheenese publication in the current admeenistrative aurie.,[2] an 235,502 accordin tae the Catalog o Damagin Yirdquauks in the Warld (Through 2008) maintained bi the Internaitional Institute o Seismology an Yirdquauk Engineerin.[3]

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