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Swadish fowk
Total population
'c. 14,000,000

Includin those wi Swadish ancestry

Regions wi signeeficant populations
Banner o Swaden Swaden:      7,712,376 (2010 est.)[1]
Other significant population centers:

Swadish-speakin ethnic minorities

Banner o Finland Finland approx. 280,000 [2]

Swadish citizens/Swadish speakers

Banner o Spain Spain 65,000[3]
Banner o Unitit States Unitit States 56,324[4]
Banner o Norawa Norawa 28 730[5]
Banner o Unitit Kinrick Unitit Kinrick 22,525[6]
Banner o Denmark Denmark 21,000[7]
Banner o Fraunce Fraunce 16,000[8]
Banner o Germany Germany 9,500[6]
Banner o Finland Finland 9,000 (Swadish citizens)
Banner o Australie Australie 8,170[9]
Banner o Canadae Canadae 7,000[10]
Banner o Italy Italy 6000 (est.)[11]
Banner o Brazil Brazil 23,048 (est.)
Banner o Mexico Mexico 425
Banner o Estonie Estonie 300[12]
Banner o Ukraine Ukraine 108
Banner o Argentinae Argentinae 800[13]
Ither regions 72,000[14]

Persons wi Swadish ancestry

Banner o Unitit States Unitit States 4,325,000[15]
Banner o Canadae Canadae 334,765[16]
Banner o Argentinae Argentinae 175,000[17] (est.)
Banner o Australie Australie 30,375[18]
Banner o New Zealand New Zealand 1,257[19]
Banner o Brazil Brazil 32,975[20]



Mainly Lutheranism an mair recently Secularism. An aw see Releegion in Swaden. Historically Norse paganism

Sib ethnic groups

Ither Scandinavie fowks

Swedes (Swadish: svenskar‎) are a naition an ethnic group native tae Swaden, maistly inhabitin Swaden an the ither Nordic kintras, wi descendants livin in a number o kintras.

Etymologie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Maist scholars gree that Suiones an the attestit Germanic forms o the name derive frae the same Proto-Indo-European reflexive pronominal ruit, *s(w)e, as the Laitin suus. The wird must hae meant "ane's awn (tribesmen)". In modren Scandinavie, the same ruit appears in wirds such as svåger (brother-in-law) and svägerska (sister-in-law). The same ruit an oreeginal meanin is foond in the ethnonym o the Germanic tribe Suebi, preservit tae this day in the name Schwaben.[21][22][23][24]

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