New Zealand

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New Zealand (Inglis/Scots) Aotearoa (Maori)
New Zealand Banner Ryle Coat o Airms
Motto:nane (uisst tae be Onwards)
New Zealand's airt in the world
Offeecial leid Inglis, Maori, New Zealand Sign Leid
Caipital Wellington
Lairgest ciety Auckland
 - Monarch
 - Prime Meenister
Kinrick wi Pairlament
Queen Elizabeth II
John Key  
 - Tot
 - % watter 2.1
268,680 km² (74th)
 - Tot (2006)4,133,000 (124th)
 - Density

15/km² (139th)
Siller New Zealand Dollar ($) (NZD)
Time zone (UTC/GMT+12) Simmer (DST) (UTC/GMT+13)
Naitional sang God Defend New Zealand, God Save the Queen
Internet TLD .nz1
Cawin code 64

New Zealand is a kintra in the sooth-wastren Paceefic Ocean, conseestin o twa muckle islands an monie smaa islands. It haes a population o mair nor 4 million, an its caipital ceety is Wellington. The kintra is kent as Aotearoa in the Māori leid.

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