Al Jufrah Destrict

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Jufra (الجفرة)
Kintra Banner o Libie Libie
Capital Houn
Area 117,410 km2 (45,332 sq mi) [1]
Population 52,342 (2006) [2]
Density 0 / km2 (0 / sq mi)
Map o Libie wi Jufra destrict heichlichtit

Al Jufrah (Arabic: الجفرةAl Ǧufra) is ane o the destricts o Libie. It is in the centre o the kintra. Its caipital is Houn.

Al Jufrah wis oreeginally ane o the 25 Baladiyat in the admeenistrative sistem o Libie established in 1988. In 2001 It became a Shabiyah, an its territorial extension wis reduced. In 2007, unner the new 22-Shabiyat seestem, its oreeginal bundaries wur reintroduced (see maps).

Al Jufrah borders the follaein destricts:

Borders o Al Jufrah Destrict frae 2001 till 2007, unner the 32-shabiyat seestem.

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