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Akhaltsikhe is located in Georgia (country)
Location o Akhaltsikhe in Georgie
Coordinates: 41°38′20″N 42°59′10″E / 41.63889°N 42.98611°E / 41.63889; 42.98611
Kintra  Georgie
mkhare Samtskhe-Javakheti
Population (2002)
 • Total Approximately 20,000. With the numerous surrounding villages, 46,134
Time zone Georgian Time (UTC+4)

Akhaltsikhe (Georgie: ახალციხე, literally new castle; kent as Lomisa an aw, Turkis: Ahıska‎) is a sma ceety in Georgie's soothwastren region (mkhare) o Samtskhe-Javakheti. It is situatit on the both banks o a sma river Potskhovi, which separates the ceety tae the auld ceety in the north an new in the sooth. The name o the ceety translates frae Georgie as "new fortress".

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