Zuni leid

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Zuni (an aa Zuñi) is a leid o the Zuni fowk, indigenous tae wastren New Mexico an eastren Arizona in the Unitit States. It is spoken bi aroond 9,500 fowk warldwide, especially in the vicinity o Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, an muckle smawer numbers in pairts o Arizona.

Unlike maist indigenous leids in the US, Zuni is still spoken bi a significant number o children an, thus, is comparatively less threatened wi leid endangerment. Edmund Ladd reportit in 1994 that Zuni is still the main leid o communication in the pueblo an is uised in the hame (Newman 1996).

Athin the leid, the leid itsel is cawed Shiwi'ma (shiwi "Zuni" + -’ma "vernacular", trans. as "Zuni way") an its speakers are collectively A:shiwi (’a:(w)- "plural" + shiwi "Zuni").