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Zen gairden

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A Zen gairden, a Japanese kynd o Karesansui 枯山水 stane gairden, is a shauld saundpit conteenin saund, grush, stanes, whiles girse or ither naitral elements. Thay are uised bi Japanese Zen monks in meditation.

Ryoan-ji Temple[eedit | eedit soorce]

The stane gairden wis addit for tae provide a place for the monks tae meditate an is aften said tae hae a suithin eftercome.

Layoot[eedit | eedit soorce]

A smaa haund-hauden Zen gairden

Thare haes been monie attempts tae expone the Zen gairden's layoot. Some o thir are:

  • the grush represents the ocean an the stanes represents the islands o Japan
  • the stanes represents a mither teeger wi her cubs, soumin tae a draigon
  • the stanes forms pairt o the kanji fae hert or mynd

It is doutfu that a Zen maister wad gree wi thae claims, houaniver.

A recent sugeestion bi researchers Gert van Tonder o Kyoto Varsity an Michael J. Lyons o ATR Media Information Labs is that the stanes forms the subleeminal eimage o a tree. This eimage canna be consciously perceived whan leukin at thaim; the researchers claims the subconscious mynd is able tae see a subtle association atween the stanes. Thay believe this is responsible for the suithin eftercome o the gairden.

Mainteenance as a discipline[eedit | eedit soorce]

The rakin o the grush is an experience closely associate wi Zen philosophy, bein the preenciple raison for haein sicna gairden. This is shawn in the "executive Zen garden" kits that's selt, seemilar tae that shawn abuin, in that a body daesna expect tae mak an keep a perfit gairden as a static object, but raither tae experience the processes o design an maintenance. Whan the raking is duin in a fou size gairden, a body can anerly tread whaur a body haesna yit rakit, an sae this canna be duin thochtless-lik, yit tae dae it weel (an tae win the maist frae it) requires the nae mynd state o mynd, an the koan intrinsic in this fecht gaes tae the hert o Zen.

Adaptations tae laundscape design[eedit | eedit soorce]

The conceits o Zen gairden design haes been adaptit tae the makkin o a mair naturalistic plantit laundscape. This can be seen in the eimage ablo, a wee zen gairden that is a pairt o the Japanese Tea Gairden in San Francisco's Gowden Yett Pairk. Nae seen in this view is a wheen whappin boulders tae the left at the strand o the peeble bed inby bi the borderin fulyerie.

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