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Native name: Sjælland
Stevns Klint.jpg
The Clints o Stevns tae the sooth o Colpenhaven
Denmark location sjalland.svg
LocationBaltic Sea
Coordinates55°30′N 11°45′E / 55.500°N 11.750°E / 55.500; 11.750Coordinates: 55°30′N 11°45′E / 55.500°N 11.750°E / 55.500; 11.750
Aurie7,031 km2 (2,715 sq mi)
RegionCaipital Region o Denmark, Region Zealand
Lairgest settlementCopenhagen (pop. 1,627,705 (urban)[1])
Pop. density354.3 /km2 (917.6 /sq mi)

Zealand or Sealand (Dens: Sjælland; pronoonced [ˈɕɛˌlanˀ], Auld Norse: Selund, Latin: Selandia) is at 7,031 km² the mucklest island in Denmark, an the 95t island in the warld bi size. Maist o its 2.287.740 inhabiants (2017) bides in or near the capital ceetie, Colpenhaven.

Wastlins the kyle Storebælt separates Zealand fae Funen, and eastlins it's anither kyle, Øresund, that separates it fae Sweden.

Accordin tae Norse mythologie, Zealand wis creaut bi the goddess Gefion.

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