Zamora, Miranda

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Zamora Municipality

Municipio Zamora
Banner o Zamora Municipality
Official seal of Zamora Municipality
Location in Miranda
Location in Miranda
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Coordinates: 10°28′00″N 66°32′00″W / 10.4667°N 66.5333°W / 10.4667; -66.5333Coordinates: 10°28′00″N 66°32′00″W / 10.4667°N 66.5333°W / 10.4667; -66.5333
Kintra Venezuela
Municipal seatGuatire
 • MayorThais Oquendo (PSUV)
 • Total378 km2 (146 sq mi)
 • Total189,931
 • Density500/km2 (1,300/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−04:00 (VET)
Aurie code(s)0212
WebsiteOffeecial wabsteid
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Zamora is ane o the 21 municipalities (municipios) that mak up the Venezuelan state o Miranda an, accordin tae a 2007 population estimate bi the Naitional Institute o Statistics o Venezuela, the municipality haes a population of 189,931.[1] The toun o Guatire is the shire toun o the Zamora Municipality.[2] The municipality is ane o several namit "Zamora Municipality" for the 19t century Venezuelan sodger Ezequiel Zamora.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The region wis historically an agricultural aurie that cultivatit various export products. The population o Guatire haes increasit rapidly in recent years as an east suburb o Caracas.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The municipality's northren border, separatin it frae Vargas, is the east pairt o the Costa (or Caribe) Muntain Range, whilk the lawer Caraballo Ridge comprises its soothren border. Grande River (cried Guarenas River or Caucagua River an aw) runs frae the wast tae the sootheast. Guatire, the municipality's shire toun, is locatit near the wastren border.

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Zamora Municipality, accordin tae a 2007 population estimate bi the Naitional Institute o Statistics o Venezuela, haes a population o 189,931 (up frae 164,726 in 2000). This amunts tae 6.6% o the state's population.[3] The municipality's population density is 502.46 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,301.4/sq mi).[4]

Govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

The mayor o the Zamora Municipality is Solamey Blanco Sojo, electit on 31 October 2004 wi 29% o the vote.[5] He replacit Gerardo Rojas shortly efter the elections.[6] The municipality is dividit intae twa pairishes; Guatire an Bolívar.[2]

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Coordinates: 10°28′00″N 66°32′00″W / 10.4667°N 66.5333°W / 10.4667; -66.5333