Yuri Bogdanovich

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Yuri Nikolayevich Bogdanovich (Roushie: Юрий Николаевич Богданович) (1849–1888) wis a Roushie revolutionary an Narodnik. His cadre name wis Kobozev (Roushie: Кобозев)

Revolutionary beginnins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bogdanovich wis born on 1 Aprile 1849 in Nikolskoye, in the Toropetzkaya destrict o Pskov Province, intae a noble faimily.

In 1869 Bogdanovich began wirk as coonty surveyor in the Velikiye Luki coonty o Pskov province. In 1871 he entered the St. Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy but left in 1873 athoot being graduatit, tae concentrate on poleetical activities. He began, wi Vera Figner, tae agitate amang the peasants in the Volsky Destrict o Saratov province.

In 1876 Bogdanovich joined the new Land an Liberty organisation. On 6 December 1876, he pairticipatit in the "Kazan demonstration" in Saunt Petersburg.

Narodnik[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1879, Land an Liberty split intae twa factions. Ane faction (the "veelagers") supportit continued agitation an propaganda in the kintraside, the ither faction (the "politicals") supportit adoptin mair direct methods: terrorism. Bogdanovich supportit the latter position an when Land an Liberty broke in twa, he joined the resultin splinter organisation, the Fowk Will.

In 1880 Bogdanovich became a memmer o the executive committee o the Narodnaya Volya an wis an active pairticipant in organisin the assassination o Tsar Alexander II on March 1, 1881.

Unner his nom de révolution o Kobozeva, Bogdanovich haed opened a cheese shop on Malaya Sadovaya Street in St. Petersburg, frae which a tunnel wis dug tae the middle o the street for layin mines. On the day afore the assassination (Februar 28) the shop wis raidit, but the tunnel wis no discovered. The tunnel wis no uised in the 1 Mairch assassination an Bogdanovich escapit the ensuin dragnet.

Bogdanovich wirked tae help recover the Fowk Will frae its ideological an organisational crisis that follaeed the assassination. He wis active in the Red Cross o the Fowk Will, a preesoner relief organisation, an helpit organise escapes as well as legal appeals for the release o preesoners.

In 1881, Bogdanovich went tae Siberie tae prepare the Krasnoyarsk - Kazan section o the route for escapin preesoners an exiles. For a while he wis hidden bi Nadezhda Golovin while preparin the escape o Sophia Bardeen.

Arrest, trial, an daith[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 15 Mey 1882, Bogdanovich wis arrestit in Moscow an tried on chairges o co-sponsorin the Fowk Will, conspiracy tae commit terrorist acts, operatin a bomb factory, an ither chairges. Efter a trial lastin frae 28 Mairch tae 3 April he wis sentencit tae daith.

On 28 Mey the sentence wis commutit tae life impreesonment, an Bogdanovich dee'd in Shlisselburg Fortress o tuberculosis on 18 Julie 1888.

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Sources[eedit | eedit soorce]

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