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Jogjakarta Ceety (an aa Jogja, Yogya, Jogjakarta) is a ceety in the Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesie. It is renouned as a centre o classical Javanese fine airt an cultur such as batik, ballet, drama, muisic, poetry, an puppet shows. It is an aa famous as a centre for Indonesian heicher education an the seat o Gadjah Mada University, ane o the three maist prestigious universities in Indonesie. Yogyakarta wis the Indonesian caipital durin the Indonesian Naitional Revolution frae 1945 tae 1949.

Orientation[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Gondolayu brig in the efternuin
The Yogyakarta sultanate palace's main pavilion
Water palace

The aurie o the ceety o Yogyakarta is 32.5 km². While the ceety spreads in aw directions frae the kraton (the Sultan's palace), the core o the modren ceety is tae the north, centrin aroond Dutch colonial-era biggins an the commercial destrict. Jalan Malioboro, wi rows o pavement vendors an nearbi mercat an malls, is the primary shoppin street for tourists in the ceety, while Jalan Solo, further north, is a shoppin district mait frequentit bi locals. At the soothren end o Malioboro, on the east side is the lairge local mercat o Beringharjo, no far frae Fort Vredeburg a restored Dutch fort.

At Yogyakarta's centre is the kraton, or Sultan's palace. Surroondin the kraton is a densely populated residential neighbourhuid that occupies land that wis umwhile the Sultan's sole domain. Evidence o this umwhile uise remains in the form o auld walls an the ruined Taman Sari, built in 1758 as a pleasure garden. Nae langer uised bi the sultan, the garden haed been lairgely abandoned. For a time, it wis uised for hoosin bi palace employees an descendants. Reconstruction efforts began in 2004, an an effort tae renew the neighbourhuid aroond the kraton haes begun. The site is a developin tourist attraction.

Nearbi tae the ceety o Yogyakarta is Mount Merapi. The northren ootskirts o the ceety run up tae the soothren slopes o the muntain in Sleman Regency (Indonesian leid–Kabupaten). Gunung Merapi (literally Muntain o Fire in Indonesian/Javanese), is an active Stratavolcano locatit on the border atween Central Java an Yogyakarta, Indonesie. It is the maist active volcano in Indonesie an haes eruptit regularly syne 1548. The volcano last eruptit in November 2010.

Coordinates: 7°48′05″S 110°21′52″E / 7.8014°S 110.3644°E / -7.8014; 110.3644