Yatsugatake Bens

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Yatsugatake Bens
Mount Yatsu.JPG
Yatsugatake Bens, seen frae Minamimaki, Nagano.
Heichest pynt
PeakBen Aka
Elevation2,899 m (9,511 ft)
Lenth30 km (19 mi) North-Sooth
EtymologyBen wi aicht peaks[1]
BiomeAlpine climate
OrogenyIsland arc
Age o rockQuaternary
Teep o rockVolcanic

The Yatsugatake Bens (八ヶ岳連峰, Yatsugatake-renpō) is a curn bens on the border o Nagano Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture on the isle o Honshū in Japan.[1]

Description[eedit | eedit soorce]

The curn bens haes twa volcanic groups, the Northren Yatsugatake Volcanic Group and the Soothren Yatsugatake Volcanic Group. The'r differs atween the twa volcanic groups o Yatsugatake. The Sooth Yatsugatake bens is steep and mair ben-like, whaurbyes the anes that belangs the North Yatsugatake group is gentler and no sae hiech as the Sooth Yatsugatake bens.

Yatsugatake Bens

The soothern group gangs frae the Natsuzawa Pass til the end o the curn o bens. The northren group haes Ben Kitayoko on the tither end o the group. Ben Tateshina is pairt o it an aa.

Thir bens maks up a big pairt o the Yatsugatake-Chūshin Kōgen Quasi-National Pairk.[2]

Geology[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thir bens haes aulder worn-doun complex volcanoes that wis makkit wi volcanic eruptions that wis aye happenin ower thoosands o years. The last eruption is thocht tae hae happened aboot 600 tae 800 year syne at Ben Kitayoko o the North Yatsugatake Group. This is the tae active volcano left.[3] The ither bens isna volcanoes nae mair.[1]

The volcanoes is maistlie makkit frae pyroxene andesite. Forby, Yatsugatake is steidit near the Fossa Magna (ja).[1]

Local legend[eedit | eedit soorce]

Legend says Yatsugatake wis hiecher as Ben Fuji at ae time, but Konohanasakuya-hime, the god o Ben Fuji, caaed it doun cause she wis jealous, leavin the curn peaks that exists the day. Paul Hunt jalouses that this michtna be faur frae the truith seein as Yatsugatake is mair aulder as Fuji and as Fuji wis raisin in prominence Yatsugatake wuir awa.[1]

Ecology[eedit | eedit soorce]

Deciduous wids gaes up tae 800-1700m abuin sea level. Abuin this zone is the subalpine zone, gaun up til 2500m. Siberian dwarf pine bides in this subalpine zone. In ae pairt o Ben Nishi ablo 1700m, a uncommon kynd o spruce, Picea koyamae, growes. Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta) is native tae this bens an aa, but thay ar threitent ower the heid o the loss o the Siberian dwarf pine habitat and wi the reid tod's range gettin bigger forby. Humans haes luiten the reid tods expand thair range wi leavin trash in the bens. Abies veitchii and Abies mariesii growes in the subalpine zone as weel.

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Coordinates: 35°58′15″N 138°22′12″E / 35.9708°N 138.3700°E / 35.9708; 138.3700