William Ramsay

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Sir William Ramsay
Born2 October 1852(1852-10-02)
Glesga, Scotland
Dee'd23 Julie 1916(1916-07-23) (aged 63)
High Wycombe, Bucks., Ingland
Alma materVarsity o Glesga (1866-9)
Anderson's Institution, Glasgow (1869)[1]
Varsity o Tübingen (PhD 1873)
Kent forNoble gases
AwairdsLeconte Prize (1895)
Barnard Medal for Meritorious Service tae Science (1895)
Davy Medal (1895)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1904)
Matteucci Medal (1907)
Elliott Cresson Medal (1913)
Scientific career
InstitutionsVarsity o Glesga (1874-80)
Varsity College, Bristol (1880–87)
Varsity College Lunnon (1887–1913)
Doctoral advisorWilhelm Rudolph Fittig
Doctoral studentsEdward Charles Cyril Baly
James Johnston Dobbie
Jaroslav Heyrovský
Otto Hahn

Sir William Ramsay KCB FRS FRSE (1852–1916) wis a Breetish chemist who discovered the noble gases an received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1904 "in recogneetion o his services in the discovery o the inert gaseous elements in air" (alang wi his collaborator, Laird Rayleigh, who received the Nobel Prize in Pheesics that same year for thair discovery o argon).

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