William Forbes-Sempill, 19t Laird Sempill

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The Richt Honourable
The Laird Sempill
Capt. Sempill shawin a Gloster Sparrowhawk tae Admiral Togo Heihachiro, 1921
Born William Francis Forbes-Sempill
24 September 1893(1893-09-24)
Craigievar Castle, Aiberdeenshire, Scotland
Died 30 December 1965(1965-12-30) (aged 72)
Naitionality Unitit Kinrick
Eddication Eton College
Thrift Aeronautical ingineer, pilot, diplomat
Years active 1914–1941
Organisation Preses o the Ryal Aeronautical Society
Kent for Aviation
Sempill Mission
Spy for Japan
Predecessor John Forbes-Sempill, 18t Laird Sempill
Successor Lairds seat: Ann Forbes-Sempill
Baronetcy: Sir Ewan Forbes, 11t Baronet
Poleetical pairty
Conservative Paurty
Hauf-marrae(s) Eileen Lavery (1919-1935)
Cecilia Alice Dunbar-Kilburn (1941-1965)
Childer Ann Moira, June Mary (bi 1st mairiage)
Janet Cecilia, Kirstine Elizabeth, Brigid Gabriel (bi 2nt)
Awairds Order o the Risin Sun, Japan
Order o the Polar Starn, Swaden.

William Francis Forbes-Sempill, 19t Laird Sempill AFC, AFRAeS,[1] (24 September 1893 – 30 December 1965) wis a Scots peer an record-brakkin air pioneer that wis later shawn tae hae passed saicret information tae the Imperial Japanese militar afore the Seicont Warld War.[2]

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