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Wikipedia:Flood flag

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When tae uise the flood flag

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Uisers shuid uise the flood flag tae stap flushing ither edits an actions fae the Recent chynges (NC) Feed when daein similar, repetitive changes. Sic actions maun ne'er be controversial, as uisin the flood flag cuts the amoont o owersicht thay kin receive. Abuise o the flood flag is treated as abuise o ony gibble wid be; this kin result in remuival o th gibble an/or Blockin.

Ensaumples o acceptable uiss wid be deletin mony spambot pages, or deletin a muckle batch o pages efter consensus haes been achieved at Wikipedia:Votes for deletion, or blockin mony appen proxies. Unacceptable uisses include tryin tae jook owersicht o ony controversial action.

Uisers kin wish tae uise the flood flag when performin log actions on muckle nummers o uisernames that ur offensive or libellous (i.e. Bureaucrats renamin accoonts, stewards lockin/hidin global accoonts, administrators performin local blocks an sae on).

In some cases, an administrator kin remove the flood flag tae force a uiser's changes tae appear in NC. This shuid be duin in cases whaur the administrator haes forgotten tae remuive it, or when the changes shuid be seen bi default in NC.

The flood flag is set an liftit uisin Special:UserRights.

Room fur abuise?

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Yin kinch wi the flood flag is that users cuid uise it wrangly. Gin a uiser is making ill changes or actions, they wid be able tae uise the flood flag tae prevent theirsel fae bein seen fae recent chynges, that is the primary source at whilk freish chynges ur shawn an seen.

Giein the flood flag is logged, an shawn in recent chynges. Administrators that abuise thair admin rights kin be sanctioned.

Flood flag or bot flag?

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This is intendit tae replace requesting temporary bot flags fae bureaucrats. Uisers that wid itherwise request a temp bot flag kin simply flag theirsels uisin the flood richt.

Cases whaur a permanent bot flag shuid be gien remain the identical - the uiser shuid create a secondary accoont an request a bot flag as normal. Ainlie temporary bot flags ur replaced wi this flood flag.

Flood flag bi non-Administrators

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Ainlie administrators kin wale whither tae uise the flood flag or nae. On this wikipedia, it wis decidit that non-administrators kin uise the flood flag anaw. This kin ainlie be fur a short time, an the uiser needs tae be watched bi the administrator that gies the flag, tae mak sure it's bein uised proper an tae remuive it when the uiser is duin.

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