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Whin tae uise th' flood flag[eedit soorce]

Users shuid uise th' flood flag tae jook flushing ither edits 'n' actions fae th' Recent chynges (NC) Feed whin daein' similar, repetitive changes. Sic actions mist ne'er be controversial, as usin` th' flood flag decreases th' amount o' oversight thay kin receive. Abuse o' th' flood flag is treated as abuse o' ony gibble wid be; this kin result in removal o' th' gibble and/or Blockin.

Examples o' acceptable uise wid be deleting mony spambot pages, or deleting a lairge batch o' pages efter consensus haes bin achieved at Wikipedia:Requests for deletion, or blockin many open proxies. Unacceptable uses include attempting tae jook oversight o' ony controversial action.

Uisers kin an' a' wish tae uise th' flood flag whin performing caber actions oan lairge numbers o' usernames that ur offensive or libelous (i.e. Bureaucrats renaming accounts, stewards locking/hiding global accounts, administrators performing local blocks 'n' sae on).

In some cases, an administrator kin remove th' flood flag tae force a uisers' changes tae appear in NC. This shuid be dane in cases whaur th' administrator haes forgotten tae remove it, or whin th' changes shuid be seen by default in NC.

The flood flag is set 'n' lifted usin` Special:UserRights.

Room fur abuse?[eedit soorce]

Yin kinch wi' th' flood flag is that users cuid uise it wrangly. If a uiser is making ill changes or actions, he or she wid be able tae uise th' flood flag tae prevent thaim fae bein' seen fae recent chynges, whilk is th' primary source at whilk freish chynges ur shown 'n' seen.

Giein' th' flood flag is logged, and shown in recent chynges. Administrators Wha abuse thair admin rights (now anaw th' flood flag) kin be sanctioned.

Flood flag or bot flag?[eedit soorce]

This is intended tae replace requesting temporary bot flags fae bureaucrats. Uisers wha wid otherwise request a temp bot flag kin simply flag themselves usin` th' flood right.

Cases whaur a permanent bot flag shuid be given remain th' identical - th' uiser shuid create a secondary accoont 'n' request a bot flag as normal. Ainlie temporary bot flags ur replaced wi' this flood flag.

Flood flag bi non-Administrators[eedit soorce]

Ainlie administrators kin wale whither tae uise th' flood flag or nae. Oan this wikipedia, 'twas decided that non-administrators kin an' a' uise th' flood flag. This kin ainlie be fur a short time, 'n' th' user needs tae be dead carefully gawked by th' administrator wha gives th' flag, tae mak' sure it's nae bein' used incorrectly 'n' tae remove it whin dane.

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