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Featurt airticles are considert tae be the heichest quality airticles on Wikipaedia, on this page ye can mak nominations fer AoTM (Airticle o the Month) an winners will gang on the Main Page.

Nominations[eedit soorce]

We can gang wi aither Berlin Waw or Tropical Depression Ten (2005) the neist month. Inspecially gif we add a bit mair tae the tane or the tither. Munci (tauk) 10:10, 22 Januar 2016 (UTC)

Leet o Featurt Airticles[eedit soorce]

Leetit bi time thay appeared on the Main Page:

Asterisks (*) denote airticles na langer conseedert tae be o featurt airticle status.