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Ae sentence isnae an airticle. A single sentence cannae gie enouch information tae a reader on a subjeck in a meaninfu wey athoot it bein a dictionar definition, an there is a muckle difference atweesh a dictionar an an encyclopaedia.

Tak fur ensaumple, the follaein: "William Wallace wis a Scots noble that focht agin the Inglis airmies led bi King Edward I o Ingland in the 13t yearhunner." This sentence gies mair information anent the subjeck nor airticles o alike size, jouks paddin an pits forrit the subjeck's ain notability.

But whit dis this say anent William Wallace? Verra little. It tells us naehing anent Wallace as a body. Whit wye did he fecht agin Edward I? Hou successfu wis he? Did he fecht agin onybody else? Did he fecht alangside ony ither notable sodgers o the era? Wis the time spent scrievin that single sentence airticle a guid uiss o time?

The answer tae the last speirin is: Naw. Gin an editor cannae find enouch information anent a subjeck tae scrieve at least fower non-repetitive lines on the subjeck, then the airticle shid be left alane until there is enouch information available. Gin there isnae enouch information fur fower sentences, then aiblins the subjeck isnae notable enouch fur an airticle the noo.

"Airticles" componed o a single sentence jist ser as clutter fur the wiki. Mony ainly ser tae mak blue airtins in ither airticles, giein the fause impression that there ar fu makit airticles an essays available, whan the truith o the maitter is there is little o uiss fur the reader. Sic airticles maun be joukit, as a reid airtin shawin naehing gies mair truith nor a blue airtin leadin tae whit is as guid as naehing.

As sic, aw airticles componed o twa-three sentences sud be expaundit or deletit. Editors ar encooraged tae expaund airticles or pit them up fur deletion. Gin ye kin ainly scrieve twa-three sentences on a subjeck, then the airticle sud wait until it kin be duin proper insteid o clutterin the wiki.

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