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Wikibeuks logo frae 2009 tae the present
Detail o the Wikibeuks main page. Aw major Wikibeuks projects are leetit bi nummer o airticles.
Screenshot o home page
Wab address
Slogan Open beuks for an open warld
Commercial? Na
Type o steid
Textbeuks wiki
Registration Optional
Available in multilingual
Ainer Wikimedia Foundation
Creatit bi Karl Wick an the Wikimedia Community
Launched Julie 19, 2003 (2003-07-19)
Alexa rank
positive decrease 3,235 (October 2013)[1]
Current status Active

Wikibeuks (Inglis:Wikibooks) is a wiki-based project bi Wikimedia. There isna Wikibeuks in Scots.

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