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Wikibeuks logo frae 2009 tae the present
Detail o the Wikibeuks main page. Aw major Wikibeuks projects are leetit bi nummer o airticles.
Screenshot o home page
Teep o steid
Textbeuks wiki
Available in multilingual
Awner Wikimedia Foundation
Creautit bi Karl Wick an the Wikimedia Community
Slogan(s) Open beuks for an open warld
Alexa rank positive decrease 3,235 (October 2013)[1]
Commercial Na
Registration Optional
Launched Julie 19, 2003 (2003-07-19)
Current status Active

Wikibeuks (Inglis:Wikibooks) is a wiki-based project bi Wikimedia. There isna Wikibeuks in Scots.

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