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Wednesfield railwey station

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Wednesfield railwey station wis a station biggit by the Wolverhampton and Walsall Railwey in 1872, and wis operated by the Midland Railwey frae 1876 onwards. It sert the Wednesfield airie o Wolverhampton, and wis locatit neist Neachells Lane.

The station closed in 1931, awbesit the line remeened in uise till the 1980s for the guids depot in Wednesfield and neist factories.

Station steid taeday[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aw evident o the umwhile station steid and trackbed hae been dicht awa wi redevelopment in the airie and the Wednesfield Wey frae Neachells Lane taewart Bentley Bridge Retail Park utilizes some o the trackbed. Aw evident o the railwey has lang vainished ither than the brig stells tae the north wast awbesit they now mak up a canaul and passenger walkwey.

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