Vredefort crater

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Vredefort Dome
The multiple-ringed Vredefort Crater
UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid
Offeecial name Vredefort Dome, Dôme de Vredefort, قبة فريدفورت, 弗里德堡陨石坑, Астроблема Вредефорт, Bóveda de Vredefort, フレーデフォート・ドーム, Vredefortkrater
Location Free State, North Wast, Sooth Africae Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates 27°00′S 27°30′E / 27°S 27.5°E / -27; 27.5
Aurie 30,000 ha (3.2×109 sq ft)
  • Chocolate tablet breccia site
  • Pseudotachylite (quarry) site
  • Stromatolite/basal fault plane site
  • Vredefort Dome core area Edit this on Wikidata
Criteria Naitural: viii
Reference 1162
Inscription 2005 (29t Session)

Vredefort crater is the lairgest verified impact crater tae hae existed on Earth, mair than 300 km athort.[1][2] It wis locatit in the present-day Free State Province o Sooth Africae an named efter the toun o Vredefort, which is situatit near its centre. While the crater itself haes lang syne erodit away, remainin geological structurs at its centre are kent as the Vredefort Dome or Vredefort impact structur. In 2005, the Vredefort Dome wis added tae the leet o UNESCO Warld Heritage Steids for its geologic interest.

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