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Vita Cola bottle
ManufacturerThüringer Waldquell
Relatit productsCoca-Cola
WabsteidOfficial site of Vita Cola (German)

Vita-Cola (VEET-ah KOHL-a) is a cola drink made in the east o Germany. It wis oreeginally an eemitation o Coca-Cola made in the German Democratic Republic, kent as Aest Germany an aw. It wis introduced in 1957, adverteesed as a "Brauselimonade mit Frucht- und Kräutergeschmack“ (fizzie drink wi fruit an yerb gusts) an uisin a formulae that is yet hauden hidlins like Coca-Cola's "Merchandise 7X" formulae). At its peend, Vita-Cola wis bottled in owre 200 factories.

Aifter the dingin doun o the Berlin Waw an Airn Curtain in 1989, Vita-Cola's business swith cam in an Wastern cola kenmerks teuk its place. Houaniver, wi the advent o Ostalgie (nostalgia amang "Ossis" for "auld lang syne" in Aest Germany), monie ae-time Aest German products wis brocht back, Vita-Cola bein ane o the maist weel-likit. The firm Thüringer Waldquell (itsel an aest German company) gat the richts tae the name an formulae an begoud makkin Vita-Cola in 1994.

Vita-Cola's gust is best descrieved as cola-like wi a stark leemon an fruit kichenin. Forby thon it is noticeably less succred nor Afri-Cola, Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola, an haes a wee glittie conseestencie endue tae its uiss o citrus an ither aromatic iles in the formulae.

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