Vincent van Gogh

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Van Gogh's pentin o himsel

Vincent Van Gogh ( 30 Mairch, 1853- 29 Julie 1890) wis a Dutch penter. Aifter failin a puckle jobs he decidit tae acome an airtist. He went tae bide in Paris wi his brither cried Theo, that wis an airt dealer, an met monie weel kent airtists that holpit an influenced him.

He flitted tae the toun o Arles an bade wi anither airtist, Paul Gauguin. The twa argied aa the time, an aifter a while Vincent cut aff pairt o his earlobe an sent it tae a hure. His mental tribbles becam sae bad thit he haed tae be admit tae an institute, whaur he did awa wi hissel an dee'd twa days later. Theo dee'd frae grief, some time later.

Van Gogh juist sauld the ae pentin in his life for a puckle siller, but his pentins are nou warld-famous, wi many uphaulyn him ae the great post-impressionist penter.

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