Villa Luro

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Villa Luro
Location o Villa Luro athin Buenos Aires
Location o Villa Luro athin Buenos Aires
Kintra  Argentinae
Autonomous Ceety Buenos Aires
Comuna C10
 • Total 2.6 km2 (1.0 sq mi)
 • Tot 33,058
 • Density 13,000/km2 (33,000/sq mi)
Time zone ART (UTC-3)

Villa Luro is a barrio (destrict) o Buenos Aires, Argentinae. It is locatit in the wastren pairt o Capital Federal.

The destrict awes its name tae Dr. Pedro Luro, a prominent local physeecian an real-estate developer who, durin the 1870s, sauld maist o his property in the aurie as residential lots.

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Coordinates: 34°38′S 58°30′W / 34.633°S 58.500°W / -34.633; -58.500