Victor Francis Hess

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Nobel prize medal.svg Victor Franz Hess
Born Victor Franz Hess
24 Juin 1883(1883-06-24)
Schloss Waldstein, Peggau, Austrick-Hungary
Died 17 December 1964(1964-12-17) (aged 81)
Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Naitionality Austro-Hungarian, Austrick, Unitit States
Fields Pheesics
Institutions Varsity o Graz
Austrick Academy o Sciences
Varsity o Innsbruck
Fordham Varsity
Alma mater Varsity o Graz
Kent for Discovery o cosmic rays
Notable awairds Nobel Prize in Pheesics (1936)
Spoose Marie Bertha Warner Breisky (m. 1920–1955)
Elizabeth M. Hoenke (m. 1955–1964) (1905-1973)

Victor Franz Hess (24 Juin 1883 – 17 December 1964) wis an Austrick-American pheesicist, an Nobel laureate in pheesics, wha discovered cosmic rays.[1]

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  1. "Victor F. Hess, Physicist, Dies. Shared the Nobel Prize in 1936. Was Early Experimenter on Conductivity of Air. Taught at Fordham Till 1958". New York Times. December 19, 1964. Retrieved 2012-09-30. ... under his supervision, the United States Radium Corporation in New Jersey. ... Dr. Hess married Marie Bertha Warner Breisky in 1920; she died in 1955. ...