Vectis National Party

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The Vectis National Party (Vectis Naitional Pairtie) wis a smaa poleetical pairtie operatin in the Isle o Wight in the Unitit Kinrick in the aerlie 1970s. Foondit in 1969 thay socht the same status for Wight as the Isle o Man haes (that is Croun dependency status). Thay wis motivate bi the fact that thay thocht the sale o the Isle o Wight tae the Inglis croun in 1293 wisna richt bi the constitution.

Thay stuid for the Isle o Wight constituency in the 1970 general election gat 1,607 votes (2.8% o the Wight vote). The follaein year thay naur-haud won a local govrenment election, but bi the mid-1970s the pairtie wis nae mair.