Vauxhall A-Type

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The Vauxhall A-Type wis a caur manufactured bi Vauxhall Motors frae 1908 tae 1915 wi ane mair built in 1920. This wis tae be the first production Vauxhall designed bi Laurence Pomeroy: it became a hichtlie acclaimed 3 litre o its day an at Brooklands on 26 October 1910, it became the first 20 hp caur tae exceed 100 mph (160 km/h) o ony make in the warld.

Laurence Pomeroy haed joined Vauxhall in 1907 as an assistant draughtsman at the age o twintie-twa. He first made his mark at the 1908 RAC an Scots Reliability Trial, held in Juin o that year. His first design, the Y-Type Y1, haed ootstandin success at the 1908 RAC an Scots 2000 Mile Reliability Trials. Showin excellent hill climbin ability wi an aggregate o 37 seconds less time in the hill climbs than ony ither caur in its class an unparalleled speeds aroond the Brooklands circuit, the Vauxhall wis so far aheid o aw caurs whaiver class that the driver coud relax, accomplishin the 200 mile (320 km) at an average speed o 46 mph (74 km/h), when the caur wis capable o 55 mph (89 km/h). The Y-Type went on tae win class E o the Trial.

Such a success that the Y-Type wis, that it wis decidit tae put the caur intae production as the A09 caur. This spawned the A-Type Vauxhall.

There wur 4 distinct types produced atween 27 October 1908 up tae when mass production haltit in 1914. Ane last A-Type wis put thegither in 1920.