Vatican euro cunyies

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Vatican euro cunyies featurs the face o Pape John Paul II. Follaein his daith in 2005, the Vatican issued speicial cunyies in throu the time o Sede Vacante shawin a closed umberellae (see here). Fae nou on new mintit cunyies will featur the face o Pape Benedict XVI. Aw the cunyies cairies the inscreeption "Città del Vaticano" an the twal starns o the EU.

For eimages o the common side an a detailed descreeption o the cunyies, see Euro cunyies.

Depiction o Vatican euro coinage | Obverse side
€ 0.01 € 0.02 € 0.05
1ec vat.jpg
2ec vat.jpg
5ec vat.jpg
Stookie o John Paul II.
€ 0.10 € 0.20 € 0.50
10ec vat.jpg
20ec vat.jpg
50ec vat.jpg
Stookie o John Paul II.
€ 1.00 € 2.00 € 2 Coin Edge
1e vat.jpg
2e vat.jpg
The edge cairries the inscreeption
"2 * "repeatit sax times.
Stookie o John Paul II.  

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