Vas deferens

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Vas deferens
Male anatomy en.svg
Male Anatomy
Vertical section o the testis, tae shaw the arrangement o the ducts.
PrecursorWolffian duct
ArterySuperior vesical artery, artery of the ductus deferens
LymphFreemit iliac lymph nodes, internal iliac lymph nodes
LaitinVas deferens (plural: vasa deferentia),
Ductus deferens (plural: ductus deferentes)
Anatomical terminology

The vas deferens (Laitin: "carrying-away vessel"; plural: vasa deferentia), an aa cried ductus deferens (Laitin: "carrying-away duct"; plural: ductus deferentes), is part of the male reproductive seestem o many vertebrates; these vasa transport sperm frae the epididymis tae the ejaculatory ducts in anticipation o ejaculation.