Varsity o Siena

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Varsity o Siena
Università di Siena
Laitin: Universitatis Senarum Studiorum
Established 1240
Type Public
Rector Angelo Riccaboni
Students 20,000 (2010)
Location Siena, Italy
Campus Urban
Sports teams Cus Siena
Affiliations Coimbra Group

The Varsity o Siena (Italian: Università degli Studi di Siena, UNISI) is a varsity locatit in Siena, Italy, foondit in 1240.[1] The University haes aboot 20,000 students in its 15 schuils.

It haes branch centres in Arezzo, Grosseto, an San Giovanni Valdarno. It an aa haes a schuil o excellence named Scuola superiore Santa Chiara dell'università di Siena. It is recognised as one o auldest varsity in continuous operation.

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