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Vacuum cleaner

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Canister vacuum cleaner for hame uise.

A vacuum cleaner (in the UK kent colloquially as a hoover an aw.[1]) is a tuil that uises an air pump for tae mak a pairtial vacuum for tae souk up stour an clart, for ordinar frae fluirs. Maist hames wi cairpetit fluirs in developed kintras haes a vacuum cleaner for the cleanin. The clart is gaithered by a filterin seestem or a cyclone for tae be gotten redd o later.

Some Scots leid enthusiasts hae cleckit the calque stour-souker frae the German Staubsauger for vacuum cleaners.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. In Breetain Hoover haes become sae associate wi vacuum cleaners for tae become a genericised tredmerk. The wird "hoover" (athoot ineetial capitalisation) is aften uised as a generic term for tae mean "vacuum cleaner". Hoover is uised as a verb an aw, as in "A juist hoovered the cairpet".