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Alexander Nevsky Kirk on the Neva River in Ust-Izhora.

Ust-Izhora (Roushie: Усть-Ижо́ра) is a municipal dounset in Kolpinsky Destrict o the federal ceety o St. Petersburg, Roushie, situatit at the confluence o the Izhora an Neva Rivers, an is roughly equidistant tae Saunt Petersburg an Schlisselburg, 30 kilometer (19 mi) frae baith the Guwf o Finland in the wast an Lake Ladoga in the northeast. Population: 1,381 (2010 Census preliminary results);[1] 1,152 (2002 Census).[2]

The dounset is believit tae merk the location o the Battle o the Neva (15 Julie 1240), when waik forces led bi Prince Alexander Yaroslavich o Novgorod defeatit the Swades here, an preventit them frae advancin farther sooth intae Ingrie. The chronicles tell o a "great battle," in which Alexander's men stormed an sank three Swadish ships, an Alexander hissel woondit Birger, the Swedish commander.

Follaein this veectory on the Neva, the prince wis renamit Alexander Nevsky. The Roushie Orthodox Kirk eventually canonisit him, an he is nou the patron saunt o Saunt Petersburg. A kirk wis biggit on the bank o the Neva in 1799 tae commemorate the famous battle. Close bi the kirk are twa monuments honorin Alexander Nevsky, in whose memory the kirk is dedicatit.

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