Novgorod Republic

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Novgorod Republic

Новгородскаѧ земьлѧ
Novgorodskaya Zemlja
The Novgorod Republic c. 1400
The Novgorod Republic c. 1400
Common leidsOffeecial leids:
Auld Novgorod Dialect,
Auld Kirk Slavonic
Unoffeecial leids:
Germanic leids
Uralic leids
Eastren Orthodoxy
• 1136–1138 (first)
Sviatoslav Olgovich
• 1462–1478 (last)
Ivan III
• Established
• Disestablished
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Kievan Rus'
Pskov Republic
Grand Duchy o Moscow

The Novgorod Republic (Roushie: Новгоро́дская респу́блика; Auld Kirk Slavonic: [Новгородскаѧ земьлѧ / Novgorodskaja zemľa] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)) wis a muckle medieval Roushie state which stretched frae the Baltic Sea tae the northren Ural Muntains atween the 12t an 15t centuries, which includit the ceety o Novgorod an the Loch Ladoga regions. Ceetizens referred tae their ceety-state as "His Majesty (or Sovereign) Lord Novgorod the Great" (Gosudař Gospodin Velikij Novgorod), or mair eften as "Lord Novgorod the Great" (Gospodin Velikij Novgorod). The Republic prospered as the eastrenmaist port o the Hanseatic League.

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