Unitit States Depairtment o State

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Unitit States
Depairtment o State
— DoS —
Department of state.svg
Seal o the U.S. Depairtment o State
Flag of the United States Department of State.png
Flag o the U.S. Depairtment o State
Agency overview
Furmed Julie 27, 1789; 226 years ago (1789-07-27)
Preceding Agency Depairtment o Foreign Affairs
Heidquarters Harry S Truman Biggin
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, D.C., Unitit States
38°53′39″N 77°2′54″W / 38.89417°N 77.04833°W / 38.89417; -77.04833
Employees 11,500 Foreign Service employees
7,400 Ceevil Service employees
31,000 Foreign Service Naitional employees[1]
Annual budget $57.533 Billion (FY 2012)[2]
Agency executives John Kerry, Secretar o State
William Joseph Burns, Deputy Secretar
Thomas Nides, Deputy Secretar O State For Management An Resources
Wabsteid state.gov

The Unitit States Depairtment o State (DoS),[3] eften referred tae as the State Depairtment, is the Unitit States federal executive depairtment responsible for internaitional relations o the Unitit States, equivalent tae the foreign meenistry o other countries. The Department wis creatit in 1789 an wis the first executive depairtment established.

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