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Antoninianus o Severina

Ulpia Severina (fl. 3rd century) wis a Roman Empress, the wife o the emperor Aurelian. Thare is evidence that she reigned in her awn richt for some period efter Aurelian's daith in 275, which wad mak her the anerly wumman tae hae ruled ower the entire Roman Empire bi her awn pouer. Vera little is kent aboot her, as thare are nae leeterar sources mentionin her existence. Amaist iverything kent aboot her, includin her name, is gathered frae coins an inscriptions.[1]

Life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Naething certain is kent o Ulpia Severina before her marriage tae Aurelian. It haes been suggestit that she wis the dochter o Ulpius Crinitus, a figur appearin in the Historia Augusta.[2][3] This Ulpius is said tae hae been a stryndant o the line o Trajan an tae hae supportit an adoptit Aurelian.[2] Housomeivver, the Historia Augusta is notoriously unreliable, an the story, an perhaps Ulpius hissel, mey hae been inventit bi propagandists treein tae connect Aurelian wi the "Guid Emperor" Trajan.[1][2] Some scholars believe that Ulpia Severina wis frae Dacie, whaur the nomen Ulpius wis common due tae the influence o Trajan (Marcus Ulpius Traianus).[1]

At any rate, Ulpia Severina marriet Aurelian probably afore he became emperor in 270. It is kent they haed a dochter.[2] Accordin tae coinage depictin her, Ulpia gained the title Augusta in the hairst o 274, tho it is possible she haed the title even afore that. She receivit the titles o Pia ("pious")[1] an mater castrorum et senatus et patriae[2] ("mither o the barracks (airmies), senate, an kintra").

Thare is considerable numismatic evidence for Ulpia Severina rulin in her awn richt atween the daith o Aurelian an the election o Marcus Claudius Tacitus.[1] Sources mention a interregnum atween Aurelian an Tacitus, an some o Ulpia's coins appear tae hae been mintit efter Aurelian's daith.[2] As such she mey hae been the anerly wumman tae rule ower the whole Roman Empire in her awn pouer.

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