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Coat o Airms Cairt
Airt o Parchtitz in Germany
Basic Information
Federal Kintra: Schleswig-Holstein
Coonty: Coonty Pinneberg
Area: 14,63 square kilometers
Indwallers: 17.865 (31t Dizember 2006)
Indwallers density: 1.563 indwallers pro
square kilometers
Bouk: 0–6 m ü. NN
Postal code: 25436
Telephone codesen: 04122,
Geographic coordinates: 53° 41' 14 n. Br.
09° 40' 09
ö. L.
Vehicle registration plate: PI
mayor: Andrea Hansen
adress o
Wassermühlenstr. 7
25436 Uetersen
Wabsteid: Uetersen.de
E-Mail-Backin: Info@stadt-uetersen.de
Museum Uetersen

Uetersen (ˈyːtɐzən) is a toun in the destric o Pinneberg in the state o Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. As o 2006 it haes 17,865 indwallers, an lies upo an area o 11,50 km². The first time the clachan wis mentioned wis 1234.

The toun has 1 airport (Flugplatz Uetersen), the ICAO-Code is EDHE.

TSV Uetersen is ae fitba club frae Uetersen.

Fremmit airtins

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Coordinates: 53°41′14″N 9°40′09″E / 53.6872°N 9.6692°E / 53.6872; 9.6692