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Uber Inc.
Umwhile cried
UberCab (2009–2012)
Privately held company
Industrie Transportation, Delivery
Foondit Mairch 2009; 10 years ago (2009-03)
Foonders Travis Kalanick
Garret Camp
Heidquarters San Francisco, United States
Aurie served
Worldwide, 528 cities[1]
Key fowk
Travis Kalanick (CEO)
Thuan Pham (CTO)
Ryan Graves (COO)
Services Taxicab, Vehicle for hire, meal delivery, parcel delivery
Revenue Increase $5.5 billion[2]
Decrease −US$3.0 billion (2016)[2]
Nummer o employees
Wabsteid uber.com

Uber - Technologies Inc. is an online transportation network company heidquartert in San Francisco, Californie, wi operations in 528 cities worldwide. It develops, mercats an operates the Uber software application, which allaes consumers tae request caur transportation or fuid delivery via the Uber mobile app or the Uber mobile wabsteid. It an aa allaes drivers tae earn income frae delivering fuid or transportin passengers. Uber drivers uise thair ain personal caurs,[4][5] awtho drivers can rent a caur tae drive wi Uber.[6]

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