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Tundra in Greenland
Cairt o arctic tundra shawn in orange
Aurie11,563,300 km2 (4,464,600 sq mi)
Climate teepET

In pheesical geografie, a tundra is a biome where the tree growth is hindered by law temperatures an short growing sessions. The term tundra comes through Roushie тундра frae the Kildin Sami wird tūndâr "uplands", "treeless muntain tract".[1] There are three types o tundra: arctic tundra,[2] alpine tundra,[2] an antarctic tundra.[3] In a tundra, the vegetation is componed of dwarf shrubs, sedges an grasses, mosses, an lichens. Scattered trees grow in some tundras. The ecotone (or ecological boondary region) atween the tundra an the forest is kent as the tree line or timberline.

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