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Trolleybus in Glesga in 1966
Trolleybus networks aroond the warld:
  Trolleybus networks in operation, including bus rapid transit networks
  Trolleybus networks in operation, withoot bus rapid transit networks
  Trolleybus networks planned (as new or reconstruction)
  Kintras that had trolleybus networks
  Kintras that never had trolleybus networks

A Trolleybus is an electric bus that draws power frae owerheid wires (generally suspended frae roadside posts) uisin spring-loaded trolley poles. Twa wires an poles are required tae complete the electrical circuit. This differs frae a tram, which normally uses the track as the return path, needing anly ane wire an ane pole or a pantograph. Thay are an aa distinct frae ither kinds o electric buses, which uisually rely on batteries. Power is maist commonly supplied as direct current at 500 or 600 volts