Triumph TR6

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1976 Triumph TR6 (North America)

The Triumph TR6 (1969–76) wis a Breetish sax-cylinder sports caur an the best-seller o the TR range built bi Triumph when production endit in Julie 1976. This record wis then surpassed bi the TR7. 94,619 TR6s wur built, o which 86,249 foond homes overseas, anerlie 8,370 being sold in the UK.[1]

The bodywork closely resembled that o the previous model, the Triumph TR5, but the front an back ends wur squared off, reportedly based on a consultancy contract involvin Karmann.[2]

Aw TR6 sports caurs featured inline sax-cylinder ingines. For the US market the ingine wis carburetted, as haed been the US-ae TR250 model's ingine. For ither warld markets, includin the Unitit Kinrick, the TR6 wis fuel-injectit, therefore TR6PI (petrol injection), as haed been the non-US market TR5. The Lucas mechanical fuel injection system helped the home-market TR6 produce 150 bhp (112 kW) at model introduction. Later the non-US TR6 variant wis detuned tae 125 bhp (93 kW) in order for it tae be easier tae drive, while the US-variant continued tae be carburetted wi a mere (but mair reliable) 104 hp (78 kW).

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