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Triumph TR1

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Ae ane example o this caur wis ever made bi Triumph. The Triumph TR1 prototype wis unveiled in October 1952 at the Lunnon Motor Show. The TR1 name wis never offeecially uised.

The caur wis built uisin existin components wi an ingine frae a Standard Vanguard, suspension fr the Triumph Mayflower an a chassis frae the pre war Standard Flying Nine.[1] Problems arose when the caur came tae be driven as it wis a poor handler, haed a top speed o barely 80 mph an wis an overall disappointment tae its early viewers, ane o whom, Ken Richardson o BRM, described it as a 'daith-trap.'[1]

The caur, which never went intae production, wis wi'drawn, an the designs taken back tae the drawin board, an a year later the new improved Triumph TR2 wis unveiled.

It is unkent whether the original prototype exists today.

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