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The Toronto Argonauts are a professional Canadian fitbaa team based in Toronto, Ontario. The Argonauts are memmers o the East Division o the Canadian Football League. The team was foondit in 1873, an is the auldest existin professional sports team in North Americae still uisin its original name.[1] The Chicago Cubs (1870) an the Atlanta Braves (1871) of Major League Baseball are aulder, but both teams hae chynged their name more than once an in the case o the Braves, chynged ceeties.

The Argos hae played their hame gemmes at the Rogers Centre syne the stadium opened in 1989 an prior tae that, played in Exhibition Stadium frae 1959 tae 1988. Prior tae 1959, the Argonauts played at Varsity Stadium, on the campus o the University of Toronto.

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