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Coat o Airms Cairt
Coat of Airms missed Airt o Tirschenreuth in Germany
Basic Information
Federal Kintra: Bavarie
Coonty: Coonty Tirschenreuth
Area: 66.54 km2
Indwallers: 9,188 (31t Dizember 2008)
Indwallers density: 138 indwallers / km2
Bouk: 504 m ü. NN
Postal code: 95643
Telephone codesen: 09631
Geographic coordinates: 49° 53' n. Br.
20° 12' ö. L.
Vehicle registration plate: TIR
mayor: Franz Stahl
adress o
Maximilianplatz 35
95643 Tirschenreuth
Wabsteid: .stadt-tirschenreuth.de

Tirschenreuth (in Bavarian, cryed Tirschenreith) is a toun in the destric o Tirschenreuth in the laund o Bavarie in Germany. As o 2008 it haes 9,188 indwallers, an lies upo an area o 66,54 km². The first time the clachan wis mentioned wis 1134.

Marktplatz (mercat squerr) o Tirschenreuth

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