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Timothy J. McCarthy
Born (1949-06-20) 20 Juin 1949 (age 70)
near Chicago, Illinois
Thrift Secret Service agent
Chief of police
Childer 3

Timothy J. McCarthy (born Juin 20, 1949) is an American police officer. He is the current police chief o Orland Park, Illinois, and a former member of the Unitit States Secret Service.[1] Durin the 1981 Reagan assassination attempt, he turnit into the line of fire, shieldin Ronald Reagan frae one o John Hinckley, Jr.'s .22 caliber bullets.

Surgeons at George Washington University Hospital successfully removit the round frae McCarthy's abdomen, and he fully recoverit. McCarthy is one of only four Secret Service agents to have taken a bullet for the Preses. He receivit the NCAA Award of Valor in 1982[2] in recognition o his bravery.

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