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The Tió de Nadal (Catalan pronunciation: [tiˈo ðə nəˈðal]; in Scots "Yule Log"), kent juist as Tió ("Trunk" or "Log", or Tronca ("Log") forbye, is a character in Catalan mythology effeirin til a Yule tradition aa athort Catalonia an some pairts o Aragon. A tradition sib tae Tió de Nadal is fund in ither pairts, sic as the Cachafuòc or Soc de Nadal in Occitania.[1] In Aragon it is whiles cried Tizón de Nadal or Toza.[2]

Summar[eedit | eedit soorce]

Yule logs

The Tió de Nadal fund in mony a Aragonese an Catalan hame ower the haliday tide is a howe log about thirty centimetres lang. The day, Tió is gien twa or fower cutty stick legs, a braid smirkin face pentit on ae end (whiles wi a stickie-out neb) an a wee reid sock bunnet (a smaa traditional barretina). This gear wis eikit sin short syne juist, an haes gart the hamelt an roch naitural deid bit o wid a puckle mair fantoosh.

Stertin wi the Feast o the Immaculate Conception (December 8t), ae body gies the tió a wee bit "maet" ilka nicht an haps him round wi a blanket sae he winna get cauld. The story haes it that in the days afore Christenmas, bairnies maun see efter the log weel, keppin it warm an giein it maet, sae it will shite out gifties on Yule Day or E'en.[3][4]

On Yule Day or, in some hames, on Yule E'en, ae body pits the tió pairt wey intae the ingle an bids it shite, thou this is no sae common as hames dinna aye hae ingles an lums. Tae gar it shite, a body maun skelp the tió wi sticks, whiles singin sindry sangs o the Tió de Nadal.

The tradition says that afore skelpin the tió aa bairnies maun gang out the room awa til anither bit o the house tae pray, speirn at the tió tae deliver a guid wheen o presents. Thir days, the prayin tradition haes been hippit wi. Housomiver, bairns maun gang intil another room, maist liker the kitchen, tae warm their stick neist a fire. This gies relatives a guid spell clap the presents aneath the blanket whiles the bairn are praying or warmin their sticks.

The tió disna drap muckle objects, as thae presents are thocht brocht bi the Three Wise Men. It daes leave sweeties, nits an torrons (dods o nougat), an sma toys. Lippent on the pairt o Catalonia, it aiblins gies out scrockent figs an aa. Whit comes out o the Tió is skaired out tae ilkabody there (raither nor for ae body their lane).

The tió is aften kent as Caga tió ("log that daes a shite", "shite log").[5] The springheid o this nickname is the mony sangs o Tió de Nadal that stert wi the phrase, whit wis umwhile (in the context o the sangs) a command gien tae the log ("Shite, ye log!"). Cryin the log Caga tió isna thocht tae be an auld pairt o the tradition.

Caga tió sang[eedit | eedit soorce]

Skelpin the Tió de Nadal

The Tió de Nadal haes it's ain sang. Efter giein the tió a saft doofin wi a stick whiles the sang is sung, it is skelpit harder on the wirds Caga tió! Syne, aebody pits their hand in aneath the blanket an taks a gift. The gift is opened an syne the song sterts again. There are mony sindry sangs; ablo is sicna ensaumple.

"Caga tió,

caga torró,
avellanes i mató,
si no cagues bé
et daré un cop de bastó.
caga tió!"

shite,ye log,

shite nougats (turrón),
hazelnits an mató cheese,
gin ye dinna shite weel,
A'll skelp ye wi a stick,
shite, ye log!

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